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About Dr Hamphrey

I’m a powerful native spiritual traditional healer with-established methods passed down from my ancestral healers to another to treat a person suffering from various illnesses, many of which have psychological underpinnings. Methods used by my traditional healing formulas include the use of roots, fetish dolls, voodoo dolls, and the smoking out of a possessing spirit or spell.. My traditional healing herbs include a no. of powerful herbs such as fertility / pregnancy herbs, herbs for impotence and erectile dysfunction, and herbs for stopping miscarriages. My herbs are very powerful and the results are extremely effective. I use specially harvested herbs that have been used for centuries by ancient healers. Most of these herbs are collected from different parts of the world such as the Amazon forest in Brazil, the Mountains of Egypt and the river banks of River Nile.


These spells are specifically here to solve relationship issues. Love spells that work also called Love magic conjures and makes you celebrate your relationship. Performing love spells is one of the anciently magic activity engaged in by humans. Love Spells is about bringing back happiness. So giving happiness is part of my work, which usually gives my patients the most satisfaction and joy.


Win a criminal case against you with court spells. Win a civil case against you with court spells that work Court spells spiritual healing have been used by many to get their desired outcome in any legal matter Win a labor case against you employer who wants to dismiss you & get a big settlement with court spells Court spells for bail reduction, court spells for parole hearings & court spells for arbitration hearings


Phone: +27 71 018 8399 • +27 65 861 8942 
E-Mail: hamspells3@gmail.com • info@drhamspells.co.za


As a leading herbalist and spiritual healer who uses pure natural herbal plants medicines as well as his ancestral powers, Money spell casting abilities are beyond human imagination. Stop asking all those questions about your financial stature, order the MONEY SPELL today.


What IS Infertility? It is a Sexual Reproduction Failure where both male & Female Are Unable to Conceive Or Give Bath To A Baby,This Has Led To Chaos And Divorce Within Very many Relationships And Marriages Across The Globe Well don’t give up yet, because Agent Loiyd is here to break the curse that has been stopping you from having the joy of being a parent with your partner.

Phone: +27 71 018 8399 • +27 65 861 8942

E-Mail: hamspells3@gmail.com • info@drhamspells.co.za